Just for thoughts on “Should librarians be considered professionals?”

Not because your work is done now by robots you’re not anymore a doer of the task. Is it just for you to say in the future that doctors should not be professionals because the operations are done by machines and not anymore by the doctors of today.

If we will go back in time, It’s librarians who managed the chaos in information storage and retrieval. Simply because the most valuable to human up to this day was/is able to manage by the Librarians – DATA.

To fact, it is the Library that was established first before any institution did. It collected the information to one location (Alexandrian Library) so that people knew where to go to learn. To contemplate, it was even known before as the only place where you find books – which was quote and quote known as the only source of information. I always believe that if it’s not through the library learning is quite not what we see it today. Academe and Universities owe their foundation to Libraries. Why? Because It is at the seat of the library where learn-ed people meet and converge to formulate their IDEAS. Library promoted one of the ways and means to learn – READING and provided all the support to achieve it.

We should not contest Librarians value because they have proven their worth. We would perhaps not as learn-ed as we are now if the Library was not established. However I do not have contention on the argument that currently the work of Librarians are deemed being AIDED (not replaced) by computers. Being said that it is about time that the Librarianship and its services evolved.

You may be an adult and knows how to go by yourselves NOW in searching but it is inevitable that we have our school for the young and starters that needs a location where they will learn how to search for information that will bring them to learning – to gain knowledge and eventually wisdom. But before they can manage to do so let the LIBRARY do its task.

For you who is a Librarian and now in identity crisis, don’t be. I wrote a paper entitled “TAKING THE CHALLENGE: FROM LIBRARIAN TO A BROADER ROLE OF INFORMATION SPECIALIST”. I stated there the history of Library because it will give us appreciation of what the Library has given humanity and how a Librarian should take the challenge back of being the MANAGERS OF INFORMATION.